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Welcome. This purpose of this webpage is to function as a temporary 'home base' for information regarding the quickly changing predicament of New Zealand's Sudanese communities. We invite you to check in here often for updates as the situation progresses.

New Zealand's  Sudanese communities fear for the lives of their family members and loved ones trapped among the horrific and terrifying conditions of Sudan’s capital city Khartoum. The recent escalations in the war have left millions of people trapped in the city, with civilians now for the first time also being targeted amid the violence and destruction.

You can read about the communities various calls for action here:

It is not in New Zealand’s power to stop the war, but the community is holding out hope that our government can assist with bringing endangered family members and loved ones to the safety of New Zealand’s shores. This is a most urgent call to action, as the usual refugee application process can take months or even years, which is unacceptable when people are losing their lives every day. There is no clear end in sight for this conflict in Sudan.

The Sudanese community intend to come together to discuss and draft their appeal to government, and how to ensure they are organised to support any and all Sudanese refugees that may reach New Zealand.

At present there are a few ways you can show your support:

  • Raise awareness: Share and discuss the situation in Sudan with your community and networks.
  • Write a letter of support: The more support is demonstrated for the Sudanese community and resettlement of any incoming Sudanese refugees, the stronger the case to take to government.
  • Reach out to your local Sudanese community: Find time to sit down with them and ask how they are doing and if there is anything you can do to help. Our collective community resources are bigger than we may think!


For more info, you can contact:

Michael Mario

Chairperson of Wellington South Sudanese Community Inc


Ph: 021 472 236

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